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7 ways to turn Christmas shoppers into returning customers

Article by Gill Lambert

3rd December 2018

Customer experience, Subscription marketing

7 ways to turn Christmas shoppers into returning customers

Welcome to December! No doubt your Christmas campaigns are in full flow, but it’s not too late to give your conversion rate a nudge and improve future revenues.

Gift shoppers are more likely to be new customers than your typical direct customer, so make sure that you give them a stress-free experience that will encourage your most frazzled Christmas shoppers to come back and get them to share their experience with their friends.

 1. Review the customer journey one more time

Check that all product, payment and delivery information is clear and transparent. Short forms and quick checkouts are critical when customers are under pressure. Seek out non-essential clicks, and most importantly, make sure your site is running at optimum speed.

2. Prioritise mobile-friendly payment

Mobile shopping is on the up, so make sure you have prioritised mobile-friendly payment options such as PayPal.  Abandon rates for mobile shoppers are typically higher than for tablet and desktop shoppers, so make sure you don’t lose out this season.

3. Avoid abandonment by indecision

Less choice can often mean less stress, particularly if you are buying for someone else, so keep the options to a minimum. If you are not sure which deal to offer, then test and learn.

4. Make your customers feel good

Reassure your customers at every step of the journey by removing risk and giving plenty of after-sales information. Clearly sign-post your exchange and refund policies and make the process super-easy. If you can tailor the policies to reference Christmas gifting, then all the better. If you are selling a subscription, then consider offering the option for the recipient to switch package.

5. Re-enforce your feel-good message

Welcome your new customers and remind them that you are a destination site for gift-shopping. Include a set of well labelled links to your customer service pages in your order confirmation email. Also remember to send an update if anything changes – particularly delivery dates. Not only is this good customer service, it will reduce your support costs at such a busy time of year.

6. Remember to ask for a referral or a review

Offer your customers the chance to help their friends out by sharing great gift ideas. It will make them feel good about themselves and won’t ruin any Christmas Day surprises.

7. Don’t miss out on any post-Christmas sales

Make sure your customer service pages and messages include links your latest offers and discounts, particularly in the post-Christmas period. You may just convert a refund request into an exchange or upgrade.

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