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Are you equipped for subscriptions success?

Article by Gill Lambert

18th April 2018

Subscription management, Subscription software

Are you equipped for subscriptions success?

Like most business start-ups, the SubsStack launch journey started with a bunch of ideas and beliefs that the team had acquired from our own direct experience. Between us we have run subscription-based businesses, developed fintech systems and delivered a bureau subscriptions service to leading magazine brands.

Given that we consider ourselves to be experts in the subscriptions business it would have been easy to run with our collective viewpoint. Fortunately we are wise enough to realise that our potential customers may not be images of ourselves, so we followed up with a series of validation interviews with a range of potential clients (big, small, B-to-C, B-to-B, content-based, membership organisations…).

Four distinct themes emerged out of this process and collectively they identify the tools that you need to build a successful subscriptions business.

We thought it would be good to share this insight so have produced this infographic to capture the conversation…

SubsStack Touchpoints Infographic