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Kick-start 2019 by turning insights into action

Article by Gill Lambert

11th January 2019

Customer experience, Subscription management, Subscription marketing, Voice of the Customer

Kick-start 2019 by turning insights into action

There’s no doubt about it, shopping is an emotional process, and never more so than at Christmas.

So, before you wipe the pain of those delivery hick-ups from your memory or let the elation from that blockbuster campaign fade, make sure you commit to accomplishing 3 things that will deliver a better experience for your subscribers, members or e-commerce customers in 2019.

Here are just 3 examples of projects that will deliver a better customer experience and grow customer revenues.

1. Improve conversion

Leverage the most popular choices from your 2018 gift campaigns. Strip back the journey by reducing choice and removing clicks – be brave! It may feel counter-intuitive to remove payment options or offer different subscription terms, but less choice is a good thing when gift buying. Plan now and you’ve got time to test on other gifting occasions across the year.

2. Boost customer lifetime value

Turn this year’s customers into returners for 2019. Improve your engagement communications with relevant, timely, personalised messaging and you will be ahead of your competitors from the get-go.

3. Create brand advocates

If you have suffered and customer service problems this year, then there will be customers out there still feeling the pain. Listen to what they tell you and exceed their expectations, then focus on the actions you need to take to avoid replicating the problem.

There is no better time to get started than NOW